Service & Support Administration

Service and Support Administration serves as the main point of contact and coordination for services for individuals with developmental disabilities. 

Service and Support Administrators (SSAs) work with individuals to develop an Individual Service Plan (ISP) that allows them to live according to their needs and wishes, and serve as the main point of contact between the individual receiving services and those providing for their services and supports.  SSAs also advocate for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Service and Support Administration includes:
  • Assessments to determine specific service needs
  • Individual Service Planning (ISP)
  • Eligibility evaluation
  • Assisting individuals in securing funds and services needed for health and welfare
  • Information and referral assistance
  • Service coordination and monitoring
  • Residential development
  • Crisis and emergency assistance
  • Community case management
  • Consumer benefits oversight
For information about Service and Support Administration, please read the Service and Support Administration Handbook found on the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities website: