Get Started/Eligibility

Infant girl - Early Intervention

All referrals to the PACE Program come from  a Help Me Grow Service Coordinator.
Call 937-208-GROW (4769) to start the eligibility process for PACE Early Intervention services through Montgomery County Help Me Grow.

Eligibility for the PACE Program

Infants and toddlers under the age of 3 who are residents of Montgomery County and have been determined eligible by Ohio’s standards for early intervention services through Help Me Grow are eligible for PACE services. The results of a developmental evaluation or the informed clinical opinion of an evaluation team member who specializes in the area of developmental concern must indicate a delay in at least one of the following areas and a need for early intervention services:

  • Cognition
  • Communication
  • Social/Emotional
  • Adaptive Skills
  • Motor
  • Difficulty with vision, hearing and/or medical status that involves a need for early intervention services.