What will the new federal government rules mean for individuals and families?

Although this transition will not happen overnight, individuals who participate in MCBDDS Adult Services, Employment Services and Transportation programs will eventually need to seek services from private providers. MCBDDS is committed to:

  • Helping individuals and families find a private provider that's right for their needs
  • Giving individuals and families advance notice of changes so that MCBDDS staff and private provider staff can work with the individual to prepare them for their transition.
MCBDDS will continue to focus on its mission of supporting individuals and their families, and will strive to minimize the impact of these changes.

How will MCBDDS make this transition happen?

Because the private provider community in Montgomery County does not have the capacity or the infrastructure to meet the needs of all the individuals currently served by MCBDDS, MCBDDS is:
  • Working to recruit new providers of services
  • Working with existing providers to expand their services