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The Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services (MCBDDS) is committed to keeping all constituents informed throughout the restructuring of service delivery, and as various parties at the national, state and local levels make decisions and take action.  Whenever new information is available, Board leaders will share it through a variety of channels, including the MCBDDS website (, its Board Bits newsletter, and e-mail.  

Transition Updates are sent on a regular basis to family members and guardians of individuals who receive services, as well as to their providers.  If you are NOT receiving MCBDDS's Transition Updates, please contact the Service and Support Administrator (SSA) of your family member/the individual you serve and let them know.  

Get updates pushed to you

You can sign up to have updates pushed to you via email or text message through MCBDDS's "Notify Me" service.  To access this service, visit the MCBDDS homepage and scroll down to the bluish-green ribbon that appears halfway down the page (see graphic below).  Click on the words "Stay Connected," and follow the instructions that appear. 
Stay Connected
Be sure to select  "Provider-Related News Updates" from the Notify Me section and "CMS Transition Updates" from the NewsFlash section (see example below).  

If you have difficulty signing up, please contact MCBDDS Community Relations at 937-837-9253 for assistance.
Transition Update Sign Up 7-16

Attend parent meetings

Families are also welcome to attend MCBDDS Parent and Advocates Advisory Council meetings, which are typically held the third Monday of each month at 11 a.m. at the MCBDDS Administrative Center, 5450 Salem Avenue, Dayton, 45426.  

Send questions to Board staff

Stakeholders with concerns or questions are encouraged to send their questions to the Board or contact the MCBDDS Community Relations Office at 937-837-9253.

Archive of Previous Updates

For an archive of previous updates, please click here.