Employee of the Month

Timmy P., our featured Employee of the Month, has been employed at Walmart as a front entrance greeter for two months.  He has consistently worked at least three days a week.  When not working, Timmy continues to attend programming at the MCBDDS Calumet Center, and has maintained his volunteer assignments at The Foodbank and the Good Neighbor House.

Timmy’s path to employment was not an easy one.  He persevered through a lengthy process with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD), and consistently demonstrated the skills and the attitude of a great prospective employee.  However, his need to use an oxygen tank throughout the day presented a significant hurdle to gaining employment.  At one point, Timmy’s OOD referral was on the verge of being closed out, but he did not give up.  He continued to advocate for himself, and, with the help of his team, Habilitation Specialist Jared Wade and Program Support Assistant Liz Bennett, was able to reiterate to OOD his desire to work in a community setting.  Timmy renewed his efforts, going out each week to look for openings and complete job applications.  He also continued to volunteer at locations like Grand Place, New Hope Villa, and The Foodbank through his time at Calumet.

This past October, Timmy’s hard work and persistence paid off when he landed an interview at Walmart.  Shortly thereafter, he was hired.  He completed his required orientation and quickly acclimated himself to the new position, just as the busy holiday season kicked into gear.

Timmy has flourished in his new job, greeting customers with a smile and a kind word, and assisting them in their shopping needs.  Timmy describes his favorite part of his job as “really enjoying the interactions with people and helping the customers each day!"  While Timmy aspires to land his dream job of selling video games at GameStop, he loves his new job at Walmart.

Congratulations, Timmy, for overcoming obstacles, for demonstrating determination and self-advocacy, and for achieving your goal and landing the job!
Timmy P employment feature