Visit with Providers

Provider-Sponsored Events

As individuals with developmental disabilities and families prepare for their eventual transition to private providers, many will wish to visit private provider agencies. Many agencies are now hosting tours and Open House events to help individuals and their families become better acquainted with their services. Information about these events will be posted here as they become available, and will also be sent to those who sign up for MCBDDS's Provider-Related News Updates using the "Stay Connected" tool found in the blue ribbon below (also found on our homepage).

To include your event

Like to include your event in our event listings? Please contact Mitch Snyder, MCBDDS Provider Development Manager, at 937-837-9205 or via email, or Amy Banks, Communications Specialist, 937-837-9214 or via email.

Provider Tours

MCBDDS is offering individuals who are currently enrolled in its Adult Day Services program tours of private providers. Those interested in these tours should inform their Habilitation Specialist (Hab) and their Service and Support Administrator (SSA) of which providers they wish to visit. Habs and SSAs will then coordinate transportation and supervision for the visits.  

These MCBDDS-facilitated tours will take place in groups, and all require written permission from the individual and/or their guardian. To find contact information for your SSA or Hab, contact the MCBDDS Service and Support Administration Department at 937-457-2823.

Two-Week Trial Visits

Some families of individuals in MCBDDS's Adult Services program inquired about the possibility of two-week trial visits with private provider agencies. MCBDDS staff approach providers with this request, and a number of them have agreed to a limited trial of the concept.

Individuals and families interested in this opportunity will be able to visit TWO different providers, each for a two-week period, between September 1, 2016 and February 28, 2017. Individuals must inform their SSA of which providers they wish to visit, and the SSA will reach out to the providers to see if they are willing to participate. During the trial period, individuals will need to seek transportation from the provider in question or a private transportation company.

Provider and individual with lift