MCBDDS Transition Plan

The Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services' (MCBDDS) Transition Plan is based on input gathered from focus groups in October 2015. These groups were conducted with:

  • Individuals with developmental disabilities who receive services from MCBDDS
  • Their parents/guardians
  • Private providers of adult day, employment and transportation services
  • MCBDDS staff and Board members
  • Community stakeholders 
MCBDDS Draft Transition Plan
The document sets forth the values and principles the Board will use to guide future decision making as MCBDDS begins the process of transitioning out of adult services, employment services and transportation as required by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.

The Plan includes two documents:  

  • A 15-page PDF that outlines the vision, guiding principles, action steps and timeline the Board will follow
  • A single-page graphic in PDF form that offers a broader view of the Transition process
Stakeholders were invited to review these documents and provide feedback in writing, via email or an online form, by May 19, 2016. The Board then finalized the Plan following this comment period.  

Although this Plan provides a framework to guide decisions, much remains to be determined.  The goal of transitioning all of MCBDDS's Adult Services, Employment Services and Transportation clients to private providers depends on whether there are enough providers to meet the needs of people in Montgomery County.  As of 2016, there are not, but MCBDDS is actively working with existing providers to expand their capacity.  We are also working to attract new providers to our county.

It is important to note that this Plan will continue to evolve as the Board moves forward. MCBDDS leaders expect to add further action steps and points to the Plan timeline, and will provide updates as that occurs.