The Parent and Child Enrichment (PACE) Program provides parents and caregivers specialized instruction, specific techniques, and appropriate resources that can be used in everyday interactions and routines with their children to further their child’s development. 

Services are based upon your family’s outcomes written on the Individualized Family Service Plan. PACE services are delivered using a transdisciplinary model of intervention (each PACE team member is trained to address all areas or domains of development). 

Understanding that developmental areas and skills are integrated with other developmental areas, PACE designs an intervention program that accounts for the whole brain growth. This transdisciplinary approach reflects evidence-based practices and current research on brain development. A hallmark of the transdisciplinary approach to early intervention is parent and caregiver coaching.


For eligible children, ages 0 - 2, the PACE program provides:

  • Integrated Transdisciplinary approach to Early Intervention
  • Individualized parent, education training and support
  • Ongoing developmental assessment to adjust programming based upon the changing strengths and needs of your child
Toddler w walker - Early Intervention