The Department of Safety and Protection administers a system to report, investigate, review, remedy, and analyze incidents that adversely affect the health and safety of individuals served by the Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services. The department monitors and tracks incidents to identify potential trends and patterns, as well as ensure corrective and preventive actions are taken in an effort to protect client health and safety.

Understanding Major Unusual Incidents

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) has a Major Unusual Incidents Registry Unit which is charged with providing oversight to Ohio’s health and welfare quality improvement system.  An explanation of the MUI/UI reporting system is explained here.

Reporting Abuse or Neglect

If you are a member of the public and want to report abuse or violence toward a person with a developmental disability, please call the Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities' Abuse Reporting hotline at 937-457-2765. We also encourage you to report the incident to your local law enforcement agency. To report allegations or abuse and/or neglect, please follow this link.


If you have an emergency after hours and need immediate assistance, please call 937-457-2765.