Remote Supports

You may have heard about Remote Supports and assistive technologies, but do you know how they can benefit you or your loved one? Remote Supports is a service model that combines technology and direct care to support people with developmental disabilities. It uses two-way communication in real time, including home-based sensors, cameras and other devices, to provide a less invasive way of responding to the needs of individuals living in the community 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When hands-on care is not necessary, Remote Support makes it possible for direct care staff to provide care from a remote location, supporting a person's need for greater independence. 

How Remote Supports Work:  Video Examples

LEARN more about this new approach to support in this brief animated video.

SEE how a young man is using remote supports and assistive technologies to help him live more independently in this video.

Remote Supports and Assistive Technology:  Facts

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities has also created a Fact Sheet about Remote Monitoring and Support.


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