Unusual Incident (UI) Procedures


  • The Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services (MCBDDS) requires that all service providers use the DODD (Appendix C Forms) that have been made fillable by MCBDDS.
  • Independent Providers must submit all Unusual Incident (UI) Reports to the MCBDDS UI inbox at (www.UI@mcbdds.org) by the next business day following your knowledge of the incident.

  • Agency and Independent Providers shall submit monthly Unusual Incident Logs on the third Friday of the following month to ui@mcbdds.org.  
    • See the fillable “Unusual Incident Report Log” that is being provided to Agency & Independent Providers as a useful tool. It is not a required format per Rule, but we are recommending that all providers use the tool to ensure stakeholder consistency in UI logs. (Appendix 4)
  • Please identify your agency’s UI Designee and inform the MCBDDS no later than April 1, 2019.
    • Anytime your UI Designee changes, please update and report the new designee’s name and contact information to MCBDDS. Send the UI designee name, address, phone number and e-mail address to: www.UI@mcbdds.org
  • Have your agency update its Health & Safety policies and procedures to come into alignment with the new MUI/UI Rule no later than April 1, 2019.

  • Agency and Independent Providers are responsible for investigating all Unusual Incidents (UI’s), and must ensure that prevention measures have been implemented and trends/patterns are identified and addressed.

  • See Section M of the new MUI Rule for Requirements for Unusual Incidents. (Attachment 5).

  • For Major Unusual Incidents (MUI’s) – the new MUI Rule requires all providers to send their MUI annual analysis of trends and patterns report to the MCBDDS for all programs operated in Montgomery County no later than February 28, 2019.
    • (See Section L (1) (a – j) in the new MUI Rule.

Residential and Family Services' Administrative Assistants will: 

  • Develop and utilize an Excel spreadsheet that mirrors the UI Report Log from DODD, adding a few columns (e.g., SSA, SSAS and Provider type etc.)

  • When they receive an UI from an Independent Provider they will:
    • Enter the information from the UI into the excel spreadsheet.
    • Email the UI report to the SSA.
    • Reconcile the UI reports with the monthly UI Log reports sent in by the Independent providers and note discrepancies.
    • Scan and file the UI reports and UI Logs.
    • Email the monthly UI reports and UI Logs to the Investigative Agent.
  • When they receive the UI monthly log from an Agency provider, they will:
    • Enter the information from the UI Log into the excel spreadsheet.
    • Scan and file the UI Logs.
    • Email the UI Logs to the Investigative Agent.
  • Once all information (from Independent and Agency providers) is entered into the spreadsheet:
    • Review for any trends or patterns.
    • Complete an Executive Summary of the UIs for the month and send to the SSA.

Service and Support Administrators (SSAs) will:

  • Review the UIs from the Independent Providers as they receive them.
  • Review the monthly UI Activity report (executive summary report) received from the Administrative Assistant.
  • Follow up as appropriate.
  • Review the spreadsheet prior to the Annual Redetermination Meeting and prior to continuous reviews..