How Services Are Funded

Funding for County Board services comes from a combination of federal, state and local dollars.  The local portion of the funds is provided through a series of property tax levies, including the Montgomery County Human Services Levy and a 1 mill levy established in 1977 that is collecting at 1977 property values.

Waiver and Non-Waiver Services

Funding for services may be delivered through a mechanism called a waiver, which relies on a combination of federal and local funds.  Once a person receives a waiver, they are guaranteed this funding for their lifetime as long as they continue to reside in Ohio, and the Ohio county that granted the initial waiver funding is responsible for continuing to grant the level of waiver funding they authorized. 

The Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities pays 37 cents of every dollar for waiver-authorized services as of the year 2020, and the federal government pays 63 cents.  This match from the federal and state governments brings approximately $64 million into area businesses.  

Services for children and adults who do not have waivers, which represents 65 percent of the people served by the Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities, are paid primarily through local levy dollars.