Helping people with DD Understand COVID-19: Social Stories

The following list contains links to resources related to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic may be helpful to people with developmental disabilities and their families. These files, created by the MCBDDS Behavior Support team, are in Word format. This will allow you to download and save the document so you can change or modify them to fit your needs. 

Resources created by MCBDDS Behavior Support Team:

What is the Coronavirus Social Story (Word)

What is Social Distancing Social Story (Word)

Non-Handshake Greeting Social Story (Word)

Change In Schedule Social Story (Word)

Telemedicine Social Story (Word)

What Can I Do When I Feel Bored Social Story (Word)

My Day Program Closed Social Story (PowerPoint)

What to Do When I Feel Lonely - Coronavirus (Word)

Wearing a Face Mask - Adult Version (Word)

Wearing a Face Mask - Child Version (Word)

Resources created by external organizations (with attributions included):

Plain-Language Information on Coronavirus from Green Mountain Self Advocates (PDF)

Hand-washing Videos from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (PDF)

How to See Germs Spread (Video)

Hand-washing Check List from Children’s Health (PDF)

Wearing Face Masks: Teaching Individuals with Developmental Disabilities to Tolerate a Temporary New Normal from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (Video)