Elected Officials

Direct communication with elected officials, whether they are active at the municipal, township, county, state or federal level, is one of the most important and effective means of advocacy in a democratic society.  Unless you reach out to the people who represent you, they are not likely to know of -- or understand -- your concerns.

The best way to approach communication with an elected official is to:

- Have a clear purpose:  Do you seek a specific change?  Do you need them to support a bill?  You can only be effective if you KNOW what you want.
- Be direct and clear.  Don't talk around your point, ramble or provide unnecessary information.
- Do your homework, and have research that supports your point of view.
- Prepare your message, and keep it brief.  If meeting with an official directly, you might prepare materials to leave behind for the official and his or her staff.
- Find out the best way to reach them.  
- Be respectful of them and their staff.

For a complete list of elected officials specific to Montgomery County, please visit the Montgomery County website and click on the "Government" tab.