Employment Opportunities

The Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities has two different types of vacancies an applicant can apply for:

Continuous Postings

Continuous postings are for certain positions that may or may not have any current vacancies; however, the Human Resources department still accepts and reviews all applications received. At the time of an opening, all applications meeting the minimum qualifications are sent for further review. Please note that the HR Department keeps all applications on file for up to one year from the individual's application date.  To view these positions, please visit the continuous posting page.

Current Vacancies

Current vacancies are for positions that have a need to be filled immediately. These positions are actually posted with a deadline date for applications to be received.  Please note that any applications received after the deadline date will not be accepted.  To view the current vacancies, please visit the current vacancy page.  

Please note the HR Department no longer accepts paper applications. Applications should be submitted on-line at https://oh-montgomerycountybdds.civicplushrms.com/careers/
  1. Candis Brown

    Human Resources Assistant

  2. Human Resources

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