Full-Time Employee


All Montgomery County employees contribute to/participate in the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS). Montgomery County employees do not contribute to Social Security; however, all employees do contribute to Medicare.

Retirement contribution rates are shared by employees and Montgomery County and are currently:

Employee 10%
Employer 14%

There are three retirement plans to choose from: Traditional Pension Plan, Member-Directed Plan or Combined Plan. You must select your retirement plan within 180 days of beginning employment.


Deferred Compensation is a voluntary supplemental retirement program which provides for the deferral of a specified amount of your salary for long-term investment. Choose between two Section 457 plans: County Commissioners' Association of Ohio Deferred Compensation Program or Ohio Public Employees Deferred Compensation Program. You choose how much to allocate to your deferred compensation account. This amount is deducted from each pay and is not subject to federal and state income tax.


Montgomery County’s medical coverage is administered by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. When choosing your benefits, keep in mind that your portion of the medical coverage is automatically payroll-deducted on a bi-weekly basis using your pre-tax dollars, providing you with a significant tax break. Full-time employees have a choice of two medical plans or can choose to waive the coverage altogether.

County Plan or Advantage Plan and Health Savings Account
The County Plan and Advantage Plan are both High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) which offer significantly lower payroll premium deductions. Because these plans have higher deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums, they work best in conjunction with a Health Savings Account (HSA). You can use this account to help cover these potentially higher out-of-pocket expenses. If you choose the County Plan or Advantage Plan, Montgomery County will match your HSA contributions dollar for dollar, up to the first $1,000 you contribute via payroll deduction. In addition, you can contribute to a Limited Purpose Flexible Spending Account (FSA). This gives you the ability to set aside money each pay period to meet eligible expenses incurred for dental and vision care only during the plan year. See detail below

Waive – Selecting No Coverage
You have the option to waive Montgomery County’s medical coverage if you have medical benefits elsewhere that are not government sponsored. This waiver money can be used to offset the cost of your other coverage. If you are covered under any Montgomery County medical plan either as an employee, a dependent, or a spouse, you are not eligible to receive the waiver.


You may also be eligible for wellness incentive deposits into your HSA if you meet the incentive criteria. New hires/newly benefits-eligible employees and spouses can earn incentive dollars by completing healthy rewards incentive activities as follows:

• Complete a wellness screening through LabCorp to earn an incentive in the amount of $65.00 per month for employees and $10.00 per month for spouses.

• Complete an online health assessment on the Optum web portal to earn an incentive in the amount of $50.00 per month for employees and $10.00 per month for spouses.


Montgomery County partners with OptumHealth to provide a comprehensive wellness program for employees. This program provides tools to reduce health-related risks such as lowering high blood pressure, programs to help people stay healthy, and sound clinical assistance for those members living with a chronic illness. OptumHealth also manages Montgomery County’s Healthy Rewards incentive program, conducts on-site wellness screenings, receives screening results, and tracks and reports Healthy Rewards points.


Express Scripts administers the County’s prescription drug program. You are automatically enrolled in the pharmacy plan if you enroll in either the County Plan or the Advantage Plan. Prescription drug costs are subject to deductible and coinsurance and count toward your out-of-pocket maximum.

As an additional benefit, Express Scripts offers a mail order program. Through the program, you can order a 90 day supply of medications at a discounted rate.


Dental insurance is offered through Montgomery County Board of DDS and is separate from the dental plan offered by Montgomery County. The dental coverage is administered by Superior Dental Care. There are two plans: the Core Plan and the Enhanced Plan. Both plans offer a Preventive care benefit including two cleanings per year, oral exams, x-rays, and fluoride treatments for children paid at 100%. The Enhanced Plan also offers an orthodontia benefit of up to $1,000 per child.


Preventive Exam - Anthem
Full-time employees participating in either of Montgomery County’s medical plans are eligible for an annual routine vision exam covered at 100% as part of the preventive (wellness) exam benefit. You must go to an Anthem in-network optometrist or ophthalmologist in order to receive this benefit. The preventive vision exam benefit does not cover the contact lens fitting, contact lenses or materials.

EyeMed Vision Insurance Plan 
If you elect the EyeMed Vision Care Insurance, it provides benefits for eye exams, contact lens fitting, lenses, frames, and/or contact lenses. The cost of the vision plan is deducted from your paycheck, pre-tax, on a bi-weekly basis.

Remember, even if you enroll in the EyeMed Vision Plan, you can still take advantage of the wellness benefit under the Montgomery County medical plans (via Anthem) and receive your eye exam with no co-pay as long as you use an in-network Anthem provider. You can then use the EyeMed Vision Plan to receive benefits for lenses, contacts, and frames.

EyeMed Vision Discount Plan 
If you elect dental coverage through DDS, you will receive an EyeMed Vision Care discount card at no additional cost. You and your family members can save on eye care and eyewear at thousands of locations nationwide. 


MC healthPERX is a Telemedicine and lifestyle benefits program providing 24 hours, 7 days a week access to telephone and secure email consultations on specific medical questions and non-emergency, routine medical conditions. Additional features of this program include travel assistance and fitness benefits.

You will have access to this program as part of your enrollment in a Montgomery County medical plan. Consult A Doctor provides treatment of non-emergency, acute, short-term conditions involving routine primary care. The program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Physicians discuss symptoms, recommend treatment options, diagnose many common conditions and prescribe non-narcotic medication. You can connect via telephone or email, free of charge.


Montgomery County provides full-time employees the opportunity to enroll in three IRS tax-favored flexible spending accounts – the Health Care Spending Account, the Dependent Care Spending Account, and the Limited Purpose FSA (If you participate in a Health Savings Account, you are eligible to participate in the Dependent Care or Limited Purpose FSA only.)

Healthcare/Medical FSA
• Pre-tax payroll deduction up to $2,550 annually.
• A year-to-year rollover is permitted up to $500. The rollover amount will not be counted toward the annual $2,550 contribution limit.

Dependent Care FSA
• You can use the Dependent Care Account to pay for expenses incurred in caring for your eligible dependents while you work.
• Eligible dependents include children under age 13 who qualify as a dependent for federal tax purposes, your spouse or elderly parent or any other qualified dependent who is physically or mentally incapable of self-care.
• Annual contribution limits are:
$5,000 if single, or married filing a joint tax return;
$2,500 if married filing separately. 

Limited Purpose FSA
• You may choose only the Limited Purpose FSA if you have a Health Savings Account.
• Reimbursements limited to eligible dental and vision expenses only.
• Pre-tax payroll deduction up to $2,550 annually.
• A year-to-year rollover is permitted up to $500. The rollover amount will not be counted toward the annual $2,550 contribution limit.


Life insurance provides a benefit to your beneficiaries in the event of your death. The Board provides all full time and part time employees $50,000 in basic life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) coverage at no cost to the employee.


Employees may purchase supplemental term life insurance at low group rates and pay for the premium through payroll deduction. Coverage may be purchased for a spouse and dependent children as long as the employee purchases coverage as well.


Employees may purchase supplemental polices such as short term disability, accident, hospitalization, and cancer policies through Aflac. Premiums are paid by payroll deduction.


Montgomery County partners with Value Options to be our employee assistance plan (EAP) and Work/Life Solutions provider. Services are available to all Montgomery County employees and family members whether enrolled in a medical plan or not. Counselors at MC Work/Life Solutions are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

MC Work/Life Solutions offers confidential counseling to you and your family members to help you deal with personal problems such as stress management, strengthening relationships, work/life balance, grief and loss, and more.

Work/Life Services assist with those daily challenges, such as choosing a child care provider, finding services and care for older adults, selecting a school or college, assisting with parenting issues, moving, relocation, and home ownership.


Workers’ Compensation benefits are available to employees who sustain an illness or injury arising out of and in the course of their employment.


All staff shall earn sick leave at the rate of 4.6 hours for each 80 hours of service. The credit is strictly proportionate to the hours in active pay status in each bi-weekly pay period.


Up to three days of personal leave time is granted to full time staff and one personal day is granted to part time staff.


The Board grants all full-time staff vacation leave with full pay based upon the number of years of service with Montgomery County DDS and/or other political subdivisions of the State of Ohio.


The Board supports and encourages training programs and coursework that will enable staff to become more proficient at their jobs and to support advancement to other positions with the Board. Eligible employees may apply for up to $1,200 per calendar year for reimbursement.