Employment First

Employment First is a statewide initiative designed to help working-age adults with developmental disabilities explore their career options, seek jobs that fit their skills and interests, and realize full participation in the community.  Launched in 2012, Employment First establishes and promotes community employment as the preferred outcome for working-age adults with developmental disabilities, as their abilities, skills and talents enrich the community and the people around them. 

The benefits of employing people with developmental disabilities are far reaching, and include:

  • For individuals:  Greater independence, enhanced wealth-building potential, improved self-esteem, greater personal satisfaction, new connections and friendships with co-workers
  • For employers and co-workers:  A loyal, dependable and motivated workforce; a broader talent pool; greater diversity; new friendships
  • For society:  Greater equality and opportunity, enhanced contributions to the societal good, decreased dependency on public funding

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