Instructions for Encrypted Email

The Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services uses encryption capabilities to protect the security of individuals' personal health information.  This affects individuals who receive services from the Board, as well as their guardians and family members, as some communication will be delivered in an encrypted/coded format.

Not all emails that individuals and families receive will be encrypted; only those containing Protected Health Information (PHI).

For information on how to access encrypted emails, please review step-by-step instructions in the following links
If you have issues with accessing attachments, or if you utilize a web browser other than Internet Explorer, you will need to follow the directions in the link below.
  • If you have issues with accessing your account and can't remember your password, we highly recommend that you RECOVER your password and not reset it.  If you reset your password, you will not be able to open any encrypted emails that were sent you previously.
  • Please note that encrypted emails are only active for 15 days after it was sent, so if there is any information or attachments you would like to retain, you will need to save it to your device within that time frame. 
Should you encounter problems, please contact the MCBDDS Help Desk at 937-457-2766 or via email.

Thank you for working with MCBDDS to keep each individual's information safe.