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Direct Support Professionals (DSP)

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) help people with developmental disabilities lead more independent lives and participate more fully in their communities. This in-demand career offers rewarding job opportunities with flexible schedules in a wide variety of settings. As a direct support professional, you support people in their day-to-day life and activities, including:

  • Taking small groups of people into the community to volunteer or enjoy leisure activities
  • Supporting a person by teaching daily living skills such as cooking, housekeeping, transportation or other tasks
  • Teaching skills that promote greater independence
  • Encouraging a healthy lifestyle
  • Helping a person identify their talents, interests, goals and abilities
  • Connecting someone to opportunities or places in their community to develop relationships with others
  • Providing job skills training or on-the-job support
Jobs as managers and supervisors are also available for people with experience in the field. For information about these positions, please see "How can I get a job?" below.

How can I get a job?
Montgomery County has more than 630 certified providers—many of whom are hiring direct support professionals (DSPs), managers and supervisors to work in residential, day support or employment settings. You can learn more about local providers, see current job openings by location, and submit your contact information at DSP Ohio ( Direct Support Professional job openings are also posted on and other job search sites. You can also contact us via email for additional information about local openings.

Being a DSP can change your life and the life of the people you support in a positive way, and offers flexibility, advancement potential and job security.

DSP Ohio website

What is a DSP? See what it's about
This two minute video explains how Direct Support Professionals assist people with developmental disabilities in their day-to-day activities: "What is a DSP?" video.

Direct Support Professional video screenshot
Aundrea Gullette - DSP for Graceworks

Here's what a DSP says about her work:

Aundrea Gullette, a Direct Support Professional with Graceworks, has been a DSP for four years, and says she likes helping people with disabilities with their everyday needs, whether it be personal care or taking them out in the community for an event or activity. "I like to put a smile on their face, and help them do things they can't do without support."

She finds special joy in helping them reach their goals. "Whether it be taking someone to get an application for a job or helping them learn something new, I try to encourage them to do for themselves, because it that feeling of accomplishment makes them happy. And that's what I want for them."